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Illustrator: Jennifer Lewis (and her Wes Anderson posters)

I've just come across the work of American illustrator, Jennifer Lewis, thanks to the brilliant culture website, Flavorpill, who commission her regularly.

The series she has just done, is of floor-plans for the homes featured in Wes Anderson films – Moonrise Kingdom (more of which below), The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tenenbaums and Fantastic Mr Fox. Images are exclusive to Flavorwire, so I'll just share this one to tempt you over there – links at the bottom of this post, as well as to more of Jennifer's work elsewhere. Do check it out, lovely stuff.

Jen has done a series of really beautiful and often very funny artworks for the website, tied to popular culture themes – from creating drawings of fantasy cocktails themed around 30 Rock characters (remember Astronaut Mike Dexter – who only existed in Liz Lemon's mind?), to calendars featuring dates of fictional characters' birthdays (who knew that Freddie Krueger and Forrest Gump shared their special day?).

But back to the matter in hand. Seeing Jen's reinvented posters for these Wes Anderson films made me remember how gorgeous a movie Moonrise Kingdom was. I wrote a post on this blog's Facebook page after seeing it last year, but never followed up with a full post. So here are a few images to relive the loveliness.

The house and interiors in the film were particularly special, but these pictures provide a glimpse of the wonderful palette. All those 60s yellows and and browns and sludgy pastels. Mmm. And Jennifer's images capture them marvellously. Want to check out her work over at Flavorpill? While you're there, leave them a comment demanding they start collaboratively selling her work as prints, I say. Check them out – I certainly wouldn't mind having some of her drawings on my walls.

If you like these, you'll probably like to nose around the house in this film too. And if you haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom? Do! It'll make you feel all warm inside (and keen to repaint).

Jennifer Lewis' own website
Wes Anderson films illustrated floor plans
Fictional character birthday characters
The Astronaut Mike Dexter cocktail. Genius.

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