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Rop van Mierlo's animals

Cheapskate decorators never waste a good postcard. And these unusual and endearing animal watercolours, by Dutch graphic designer Rop van Mierlo, would make a lovely collection of framed prints for a child's bedroom wall. 

Don't you think? Or just a wall in the room of someone who likes nice depictions of animals – and from the number of animal-themed items that crop up here, you may rightly conclude I am a person of that persuasion. 
I came across them at one of my favourite online shops, Fine Little Day. A set of 10 cards cost £20 (and shipping worldwide is free – woo!). Find the cards here.

You can also buy full-size prints (70cm x 50cm, in limited editions of 50) direct from Rop van Mierlo's webstore, for 150 Euros.

The large version of the donkey, above, would be pretty good.

Van Mierlo also has a book of his animal illustrations, which are painted onto wet paper to create the special splodgy effect. The book, simply called Wild Animals, comes in either Dutch or English and also available on van Mierlo's website for 18-20 Euros.

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