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Storage as art, by Note for Seletti

I'm in the middle of an extended spring clean... Actually, I'm always in the middle of an extended spring clean. Where does all the mess and clutter come from? It's not me. Definitely not me.

So on that theme, do you ever fantasise that a new thing for your home will change your life? I get it lots about things from Lakeland. But today I'm having it about this.

As far as I can tell, this ingenious – and very beautiful – piece of clutter collecting storage isn't yet for sale in the UK. It's made by Italian company Seletti, who Abi was getting excited about in a recent post. The designers are a company called Note, who make some other very good-looking and useful objects.

It's called Suburbia – because as well as hiding or beautifying all sorts of old crap that's normally spilling off surfaces in the average house, or lingering redundantly in top drawers – if you look at it empty, you can see it's designed to resemble a little town, as seen from above. The inspiration was the marvellous Uten.Silo, a pleasing plastic holder of things designed in the 1960s by Dorothee Becker that you can see here. Bodie & Fou also do something similar in a metal finish, but nothing like as art-like as this.

Seletti sell in places such as Heal's, Pedlar's and SCP so, when it's launched into shops, it's unlikely to be cheap. But think how happy it will make you.

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  1. should be one in every room!