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Introducing... Kitty McCall

These colourful, geometric prints remind me of a cross between the Jean Helion painting I saw in the Tate Modern recently, and Collier Campbell's 1983 Cote D'Azur fabric design, which I think my mum once had as curtains.  

The prints are the work of design company Kitty McCall, aka Catherine Nice, whose inspirations includes cubism, and whose background is fashion and textile design (now it makes sense) for the likes of Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Diane von F├╝rstenberg, H&M and others.

The prints are available from a design company called Unlimited, run by husband and wife team Patrick Morrissey, a graphic designer, and Sara Morrissey, an award-winning illustrator. Based in Brighton whose clients include the Design Museum, the Royal Academy of Arts and the University of the Arts London – and Unlimited Art is their retail off-shoot, selling textiles, prints, jewellery and more by a collective of contemporary illustrators, designers and printmakers.

Some of the stuff is pretty commercial – but only, perhaps, because it's been popular and therefore has become familiar. Have a browse at Unlimited Art (they sell Paul Farrell's work, whose work I love and who has a very nice bear on sale).

Soyinka, and the two prints below are inspired byAfrican textile geometrics, and given a cubist twist. As with the other prints, this comes in two sizes and costs either £55 or £75. Limited edition of 200.

Aso Oke


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