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Owl many?

Are you over owls? They have done the rounds, somewhat (I haven't done a count in my house, but can see three just in my office as I type).

But just as you may have been thinking you couldn't look another retro, line-drawn beast in the feathers... along comes this.

This is a different class of owl altogether. This owl looks edgy. You want to know what he's got going on. You want to hang out with him, ask what's on his troubled mind. This is an owl you want to make up cup of tea for.

Well, you can. The mugs (note the two slightly different designs) are £9 from Oh What Lovely (do you see what they did with the name there – this shop specialises in things with this nice chap on them). OWL was set up by London-based artist Carole Villain, who has combined her childhood fascination with Greek mythology – particularly the bird of the goddess Athena, the owl – with her passion for hand-printing. The result is a small but sweet range of cards, prints and mugs in which this chap can be seen wearing a regal Beefeater outfit, turning pink and donning a jaunty bow in his feathers.

And I really love the styling in the shot – the slightly menacing plants growing through the table and the rather bleak rooftops in the background only add to this owl's superiority.

And while we're on the theme of owls, though this has nothing to do with interiors and design, it is the best owl-themed thing (putting these lovely mugs to one side) that I have ever seen. I share with you, very gratuitously, one of Channel 4's finest Phone Shop moments, and a piece of physical comedy gold:

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