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Another bear...

Yesterday I wrote about a nice antique bear I'd seen at a friend's house (and then hunted out on eBay). Now I'm writing about bears AGAIN. 

I even wrote about another nice bear, I've just remembered, only a couple of months ago too. Lordy, have I no imagination? Come on. They're good bears. Enjoy them! These bears are the work of illustrator, Sandra Dieckmann.

Sandra is a 29-year-old German-born, east London-based illustrator who owns a cat called Little Crumb. She sells her work via a well-stocked Etsy shop in the form of prints of various sizes, as cards and as the occasional bag. This bear, above, costs £14 as an A4 print, a card for £2.50 or on a tote bag for £8.

This one also comes as an A5 print, for £5, as well as in other sizes.

Sandra also draws other animals too: like robins, left, zebras, below left, and, of course, a cat woman, right. I came across Sandra's work via Cut and Paste, a temporary shop recently co-hosted by the Crafty Fox and Brixi, a little shop near my house, stuffed, as its owner puts it – "with largely unnecessary but beautiful things".

In her Etsy profile, Sandra says: "Being somewhere silent and green with the sky above me makes me wonder why I put up with living in a large fast city... but in a strange way, living in an urban environment helps perpetuate my theme of nature and animals."

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