Monday, 5 August 2013

Seventies gardens

This was possibly both the most excellent and the most impractical garden furniture invention of the 1970s.

So unsuited to British weather – think of the mould and rust potential – but so garishly, decadantly glamorous. All that's missing is an artificially tinted drink in a tall plastic glass with a curly straw, a dainty bowl of Skips to snack on, a wafty house-coat with massive batwing sleeves, and a vast suburban garden in which to erect the thing.

The very well curated Winter's Moon in Chichester has found this pristine-looking beauty (it can't have been living in someone else's vast suburban garden all these years, surely?).

It's a little out of the usual price-range, at £325 – but it's such a joyful thing to fantasise about lounging on on a Monday morning, it seemed wrong not to share. Find it at Winter's Moon.

I tracked down a few other 60s and 70s garden accessories if this has got you in the mood. This glorious parasol is £55 from Vintage Actually.

This pair of 1970s floral deckchairs is for sale on eBay. The chairs have three bids on them already – but are only up to £26.01. The auction ends tomorrow.

A totally necessary canary yellow picnic jug set: for all those times you've yearned for your tea from a brightly coloured plastic pot, and served in plastic cups. It's even got a thing to put your milk in. You won't have to leave that rocking lounger all afternoon... It's just £8 from the Goodnight Prudence shop on Etsy.

No garden? Bring the 1970s outdoors vibe indoors, with a classic macrame plant hanger. This one is around £19 from the Odd Bin on Etsy (based in the US but they ship worldwide).


  1. I was looking this kind of post from long about garden accessories…Thanks for sharing…

  2. These are some wonderful accessories.
    Thank you for sharing.


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