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Hemingway Design's post Olympic revamp of Athletes' Village

This time last year Athletes' Village in the east London Olympic Park was probably most famous for housing 150,000 condoms. Now it's about to hit London's housing market – with interior design Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway's company, Hemingway Design

As part of the redevelopment of east London's Olympic site, the complex that formerly housed more than 10,000 frisky athletes has been turned into new homes to rent or to buy. Half of the rented ones are available furnished, with the Hemingways – specifically the couple's daughter Tilly, who runs the design team – in charge. What do you reckon? And would you love or loathe to live somewhere furnished by someone else (however stylish)?

Get London Living, the property company behind the flats has also released prices for the properties, all set in a landscaped area the size of St James's Park. A one-bedroom flat in the area now carefully renamed East Village will set you back £310 per week, while a top of the ladder four-bedroom townhouse costs £515 a week. Which, sadly, is not even that expensive for an entire property in London, where rents are crazy high. Already, 4000 people have registered interest, and the homes will be ready in the next few weeks.

Post by Kate. Images: Get London Living & Hemingway Design


  1. I have always been a big fan of the Hemmingways, and I think they have done a great job here. I wouldn't like to live in a place that someone else had furnished, but if I did this would be a good choice. Although the price is out of my range, it seems like very good value for London. A load of Londoners are paying a lot more for a heck of a lot less.

  2. I love the way that the entire  home furnishing ideas have been implemented. Really deserve it.

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