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Leaf sticker cable tidy

Sometimes an idea is so simple it's just annoying you didn't think of it yourself.

These wall stickers designed to tidy up dangling cables by turning them into a foliage-style feature are one of those. Totally brilliant, don't you think?

It's on a par with the clever Pretty Pegs (exciting replacement legs for your Ikea sofas) in terms of simplicity and brilliance.

The brains behind the DIY wall creepers is Tokyo based designer, Masako Sato, whose stuff you can buy in the UK via Clippings – the online marketplace that is also hosting the rather desirous Design Junction Shop. (Be warned, you will lose hours there.) At the moment she doesn't seem to have a solid UK distribution deal: the stickers cost £5 for four, but the postage – from Japan, it appears – is £4. Hmm. How hard could it be to get busy with some good scissors and a sheet or two of sticky back plastic?

Masako also sells this playful trompe l'oeil tree trunk tablecloth, left. £75 for a tablecloth is kinda extravagant unless you collect the things, though, but it would cover the postage (free if you spend over £69). Masako's other work also aims to raise a smile. Her commissions include a chair covered in moss, a coffee table golf course and a doll-sized house you might like to live in. To buy stuff, check out Masako at Clippings.

By Kate Burt

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