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Give good gift: featuring Beasties plates, Yoko dishcloths, monochrome letters and more

Today, just a spot of homewares porn. But since these are all things that could make nice gifts (yep, and maybe just for yourself, ahem) I'll tag them in the gifts tab, which appears on your left. By clicking there, you should see all sorts of other things that could delight your dearest as gifts. 

Rockett St George has just started selling this cake plate foursome, designed by
Carola Van Dyke. The fabric-style beasts reflect Carola's "textile taxidermy". At Carola's own website, she also sells cushions with excellently expressive cats sewn onto them. Check out or buy the set of four plates at for £20.

There's a lot of lettering-as-decor about these days. And while we might be tiring of typographical artworks (or is that just me?), giant letters are still, ahem big. Especially when some unusual, not-everywhere variations pop up. And these gorgeous wood and gold leaf, Art Deco-ish initials fit that bill, don'tcha think? They're from a US shop called Edie's Lab – they measure 27cm high and cost £25.35 a-piece. The shop does international delivery, but do look out for import/export taxes, which can be a killer.

It's a little contrived, since these are newly made, but each letter is a little battered and aged looking. But not in a distressed, shabby chic way (I know that term has become fashionable again, but to me it will always represent the 1990s), just in a well faked old way.

They also do these circus style letters for £22.18, available in various colours. You can also read our previous post on giant letters and illuminated signage here.

I missed Rachel Powell out of my all my London Design Festival finds, simply because there wasn't room/time to include everything excellent. But she was at the exciting new talent show, Tent, this year – and I keep thinking about the textile and wallpaper designer's colourful new Yoko tea-towel and tableware range, and it makes me smile. So here it is. The tea-towel (far right, above) is £10, the tray (blue) is £30, the placemats are £30 for a set of four and the coasters £16 for a set of four too.

Rachel was only appearing in New Designers with her very pleasing midcentury graphics for walls around this time last year... things are moving fast for this name to watch.

These funny stacking cups are new in at Roost Living (£45 for a set of three). I love that they're kind of weird and almost a bit ugly. That not everyone will love them is totally what makes them beautiful. They also double as tabletop entertainment: inspired by the game "exquisite corpse" (I'd never heard of it either – just think of it like the visual version of the game consequences), you can mix and match the figures you see when the cups are stacked, into freakish creatures, as each one is double-sided.

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