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Spotlight on... Ingela Arrhenius for kids

Ingela Arrhenius is a Swedish illustrator, who specialises in colourful, graphic and (largely) child-focused designs with a midcentury slant. 

Looking at her work makes me happy – it's got the sort of joyful simplicity of Charley Harper, and the characters she draws are friendly without being sickly.

Lionface poster, £18 from Hus and Hem (details below)
I featured some of her for-grown-ups work in this gift guide for chaps a while back and discovered that, disappointingly, her work wasn't then widely available in the UK. So I was delighted when a reader (thank you Tim!) emailed me the link to a nice shop in Dorset called Ruby Rockcake that sells lots of her stuff. And it now also appears to be stocked in quite a few other Brit outlets. Hurrah.

Because how good would a child's wall look decorated with these melamine plates (£6.95 each, 20cm diameter)?

Though, frankly, why save it for the little people?

Her memory card game is, from an adult perspective, a box of tiny prints ripe for adorning any room. I have a set of the Charley Harper memory game cards arranged in a square Ikea frame that hangs in my hallway. People always stop on their way out to comment on it.

Matryoshka dolls, £19.95 from Ruby Rockcake
Among Ingela's designs for larger fans of Ingela's illustrated animals, are these washing up cloths (above) from Hunkydory Home, £3.75 each. Apparently Scandi dishcloths are generally this good-looking. Gap in the market, Brit designers?

Find Ingela Arrhenius designs at shops including: Hunkydory Home, Ruby Rockcake and Hus and Hem. If you like her work, do also check out her nice blog,

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