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Object of the day: Urban Outfitters' zig zag rugs

Remember that monochrome rug I wrote about last year? It was one of Ikea's very popular items and, as such, was quite a palaver to track down.

Now Urban Outfitters has got in on the act (but with more colours, see below). And they're way cheaper than the Ikea version...

...However, that is because these ones are lightweight cotton and as such are – yippee – easily washable. But will – boo – fade, which I discovered after washing mine. Still looks good though. And they come in green or pink (pictured below) and lilac, navy and grey too, as well as various sizes.
The prices are: £69 for the large rug, £35 for the medium, £30 for the runner and £15 for the little one. From Urban Outfitters.

Post by Kate

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  1. Love the runner. Was wondering how I'd get it back to France (where I live).. but in fact they have a French online store too.