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Perky tea towels brighten
up rainy days

It's still raining... I'm practically begging the weather to just get on with the winter, enough with the rain already!

Still, I had errands to do and so off I went, umbrella aloft, to my next door manor of Greenwich in south east London. Quite by accident I found myself rummaging around the indoor market which, on a Tuesday, is mainly second-hand stalls. And look what I found...

Aren't they just gorgeous? Bright, bold and a bit bonkers –ideal for my kitchen and guaranteed to brighten up any rain-soaked day.

And three for a fiver (or £2 each) is an absolute bargain. And if you like this, you might also enjoy Terence Conran's classic 1970s interiors bible and the colourful work of Ingela Arrhenius, who we featured last week – Kate.) 

I especially love the bumblebee; he might have to go on the wall.

No idea who they're designed by which is a shame as they're up there with Pat Albeck's whimsy styling as far as I'm concerned. (The design on the left, called Sheep May Safely, is a classic Albeck print from the 1970s.)

One of the tea-towel labels (the orange sunshine garden) says "Karsten" and the bumblebee is a classic Dunmoy Irish Linen, but there's nothing on the groovy kitchen interior with peekaboo animals.

If there are any 70s tea towel experts out there who can shed any light – do let me know!

Post by Abi


  1. I love old mad Tea Towels too... I display them with some washing up under them!! Cx