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On the eighth* day of Christmas... give the gift of copper

Its price makes it a little tricky to place as a festive gift: the £60 mark puts a present into the upper bracket of other halves, "big" birthdays and family (or is that just me?). 

So I imagine there may be more of you who'd fancy this for yourselves than have someone in that category on the present list who'd appreciate a beautiful, shiny copper mirror. But do let me know if I'm wrong.

Bonlina copper circular mirror on a chain, £62, Rockett St George

So this tasty reflector may just be gratuitous homewares porn (but with all that thoughful, thrifty shopping, surely you've earned a reward for yourself?). If it is, check out the alternative, below, also suitable for fans of 2013's hottest hue.

Copper cards, £2 each, Lovely Pigeon

Lovely Pigeon, a small Scottish brand I really love, have a set of stunning copper tinged cards: buy a pair – or even just one (and open it out, as the print covers both sides) – and put it into a small, off-the-shelf white picture frame (Habitat's "floating picture" Bacall is good, £15 for this sort of size, as it doesn't require a perfect fit). A very good gift for under £20 (or go for this Ikea Ribba frame, which would require a 1/2cm trim, and you have a very good gift for just over a fiver).

They also sell larger prints with the same designs. Alternatively, get some of LP's copper tape for £4.50 and create your own metallic design...

* see yesterday's post

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