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On the second day of Christmas... Folklore slate supper board

OK. So it's not the second day of Christmas, it's the third day of December. But it's the second item on my gift-idea-a-day bonanza that is running until the big day.

And today's affordable present idea is one for foodies, table-styling supremos or people who just like to eat things off something more interesting than a plate.

Someone in my family is very fond of eating his toast off a nice little slab of wood, for example. And every time he does it, the toast gets elevated into more than just an everyday snack. It becomes a ritual, an occasion, a comfort. So I'd prefer this for breakfast rather than supper, but it'd also spruce up all sorts of other snacks (ones you can eat with your hands, perhaps), from bread and cheese to crudités or some big chunks of chocolate to have with an after-dinner coffee.

Handmade Irish slate supper board (15cm x 40cm), £14.50 from

You can also click on the "gifts" tab on the left for lots of general present inspiration. Or keep checking back on the Christmas gifts 2013 tab, which will appear under each post this month, accumulating ideas.

I'm also about to overhaul the tabs and navigation generally on the blog – if you have any suggestions, ideas, glitches etc. do let me know so I can factor them in.

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