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Freestyle Tuesday: who works in an office like this?

Oh Google, you thought you had the amazing office thing sewn up, didn't you? 

Well check out the rather incredible working environment below. Which big international company do you think it belongs to?

Now that is a civilised meeting room.

Top marks if you've already guessed it is the home of Air BnB.

The company, which of course specialises in allowing home owners advertise their spare rooms and empty pads on its vast global website, upgraded to a new HQ in San Fran before Christmas.

And with homes being their trading stock, it makes sense that much of the design would reflect that. Indeed, it does more than reflect: each of the eight meeting spaces are not just styled to look like a real front room. They are exact replicas of Air BnB listings – including the founder's apartment, where it all began. There is also, apparently, a circular conference room inspired by the War Room in Kubrick's  Dr. Strangelove.

And today, Wallpaper* Magazine's Design Awards take place at the building, and will acknowledge the people, places and products that have fascinated the style-loving world over the past year. Endorsement indeed.

See more photos at

Meanwhile, I don't know if it's just me – but maybe some of your browse the interiors on Air BnB regularly too, fantasising about stepping into someone else's lifestyle for a moment (and occasionally even booking a holiday to do so).

Well, if you don't, this might tempt you. My current favourite fantasy life is in this sweet little house on the Canal Saint Martin in Paris. Yours for just £115 per night.

À demain!

Post by Kate


  1. By now, it should be a regulation that offices should be comfortable like this.

  2. What a great place to work.