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Object of the day: "Your Ideal Love Mate is..."

I'm not much for Valentine's day. But I can't resist these fantastic old cards from Pedlars – in fact I bought a set of 10 as a little Christmas present to go in a frame above the bed.

They're part of a vast stash of deadstock the shop acquired (so although they are originals, they're in good supply). But what are they?

These amazing love cards are from 1940s vending machines and originated in Chicago. You'd put in your pennies, and out one would pop, telling the romantic punter what sort of gal he or perhaps she might expect to hook up with soon.

I love the fabulously archaic and un-PC insights. "...she has something on her head other than a hat but never, never lets you know she's too intelligent." Well, quite. Whatever next.

And do you surround yourself with "eye appeal"? I do hope so.

Enlightened they aren't, but they're great though – like soothing vignettes from a Saturday afternoon MGM movie – and a personality and hairdo for every fantasy to boot.

A marvellously non-slushy Valentine's card don't you think?

They cost 70 pence a-piece (yes, really) and you can find them at 

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