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Friday Edit #6: teeny dwellings, mad portraits, how to do flea markets like a pro and more

From left to right 1. A construction trailer transformed into... this. Love it! Proof that clever ideas are more important than bags of cash for lovely interiors. See the full story at Designboom

2. Wow. And just to bring things down from the luxury of even having the small budget it took to do that: this piece on Hong Kong and what "affordable housing looks like in one the most expensive cities in the world" is a pretty stark reminder of how lucky so many of us are. One of the apartments is just 28 square foot and the camera had to be ceiling-mounted as there was no room for the photographer inside. Read more at Co Exist

3. Not only does this bathroom in Chelsea, New York, have a spectacular bath (I love the idea of space for your hardback books on the side), it also features possibly the best wedding portrait I've ever seen: the couple depicted as a suited sheep and a... hard to tell, possibly a giant mouse. And the bedroom – what a view! See the full tour at New York Magazine.

From left to right 4. Patience, nice biscuits, the "quiet murmur" of a library... what helps you to get your creativity back if it's having an off period? Check out these and more inspiring answers at this piece on that very topic at Design Week.

5. Is it picnic o'clock yet? Oh, so very nearly. I rode home from work on my bike today WITHOUT A COAT. As such, I was most childishly excited to discover this colourful, spring-like new picnicware and a nice bunting alternative at The Hambledon

6. I've only just discovered this, and Charlie Gladstone is already on part 5 of his tips for successful flea market shopping. If you love this sort of thing, do check it out and do some back-tracking to the beginning of the surprisingly in-depth series to furnish yourselves with skills like a pro: Charlie has 20 years' experience and his shop, Pedlars, runs amazing weekly "vintage sales" (it's where I got these beauties), so now you can learn how he finds such great stuff to sell. Pure gold for fellow flea market addicts. Find it at the Pedlars blog.

Need to waste some more of your working day looking at really interesting design-related stuff? Check out the full Friday Edit series of tip-offs here. Oh, and thanks for so much love after last week's blogger special. I have so many more great blogs to share... soon come.

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