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Introducing... Durido

Isn't this a nice idea for brightening up a dark wall?

These colourful, graphic designs are the work of Mojca Dolinar and Marko Durini, AKA Durido, a new design company based  Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The pair explain online at their Etsy shop that "a lot of energy and positive vibe" is what goes into their work, and say that they hope it will "contribute to your happiness and joy". Nice!

The prints also come in the form of calendars (below). The prices for prints alone (minus hangers) is around £12.

Not all are the same, bold graphic style – I love Durida's illustrative work, too.

The nice wooden hanging bars are available separately in two different sizes, priced from around £15. They'd be handy for hanging all sorts of things – large wallpaper samples, pieces of fabric you love, classic second-hand silk scarves (or new ones, Abi has an incredible Grayson Perry scarf, a souvenir from an exhibition, in a big frame on a wall). There are other places that sell these bars in different sizes, or perhaps Durida can custom-make. If you're handy, you might want to make your own (there are instructions here).

Veering from interiors for a moment, they also run a fine line in these sweet t-shirts.

Bespoke orders are an option, so these drawings may well be available as prints if you'd prefer them on your wall to on your chest. Don't quote me on that, but do drop Mojca and Marko a line to find out more.

You can find them at:

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