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Object of the day: DFS does good

I've got a DFS sofa, but still have never been a big fan of the brand. 

Largely, I chose DFS because I found one lone design out of all of the ones on offer that I almost liked, and I chose it because John Lewis don't do interest-free credit. (I'll probably be paying for the sofa in £10 instalments for about the rest of my life – it wasn't cheap).

That said, It's not a bad sofa at all – you can see it here, a couple of photos down – but though it never wowed me, I liked the colour and it was the right size. The legs, though... I've been meaning to do a Pretty Pegs on them for ages. And the ones at the back, not – alas – quite out of sight, don't even get proper legs, just black plastic stumps.

I only reflect because it sharpens the surprise that these beauties, above, are from the very same store. The grey, 50s style designs with lovely button detailing and nice plump curves are called Mira. Good legs (and four matching ones, to boot). They are also around half price until the end of this month: the large sofa at the top, for example, is currently £599 instead of £1099. 

The Harris Tweed Loch Leven Wing Chair (more good feet!) has its trademarked upholstery woven on the Isle of Lewis, in a mill that also produces textiles for Chanel and Hermes. It is more heftily priced at 1,599 – but you could be a monthly payment cheapskate like me.

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  1. That's an old style sofa. I think there is nothing in it to be wow. There are lots of new designs of sofa now-a-days. Anyhow the overall post was good; I like your writing style.