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Spotlight on... houseplants

I love to have greenery indoors but if there was a horticultural equivalent of the RSPCA, I'd have been shopped. So this is my latest adventure in not killing house plants. 

A little bit pathetic, but a start. And succulents are – in my limited gardening knowledge – virtually impossible to kill.

And putting them on the kitchen windowsill, where I can never get too distracted after walking past wilting foliage and thinking I must water that poor thing, has so far helped me to remember to water them regularly. Not that they need much care. I'll probably kill them from too much love...

Greenery indoors just looks so good though, that I'm determined to expand my repertoire. This is what has been inspiring me.

Perhaps a bit of an ambitious start. 

The wall-growing plants and the containers are in holders by Woolly Pockets. (Nice rug/sofa clash, too, a little bit 80s, in a good way.)

I like how these ones, above, haven't even been extracted from their plastic shop pots, and are mixed with little objects and a tiny portrait, in the form of a postcard. There are plant plans for the big empty wall I wrote about here. Those plans have evolved into building and wall-mounting a series of planters and shelves, creating an effect not unlike this lovely display, below...

...but until it happens, and no plants die, I'm dubious. So the cacti shelving version might be a good compromise – and though I have managed to kill an Aloe Vera plant (centre shelf, above), surely I couldn't finish off a cactus.

Slightly more manageable? A tray of tiny plants shows effort, and yet is entirely unintimidating for plant twits like me.

Love the woven pot. So seventies.

One day, maybe...

All this has got me thinking about more houseplant ideas and about this glass-fronted kitchen cupboard whose contents have been perplexing me since it went up, months ago. We can't afford the Fornasetti recipe plates and, now that I'm all excited about plants, I'm wondering if that's what could fill it up, greenhouse style. Any plant buffs out there who can tell me if it'd work?

Images: Design Love Fest; Ethanollie at Etsy; Miss Moss; Gray Livin; Woolly Pocket; Vtwonen


  1. Thought I would share some other starter plants that are hard to kill plants that you could try -

    1. Thanks so much Stacey - I especially love that they're in a collection called 'plants of steel'