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Spotlight on... photography
for walls

I love a framed beach photograph.

And this one, taken on a packed Bondi looks great in a clean white frame on a white wall, don't you think?

The photograph is by Louisa Seton and part of a limited edition of 500 for sale in this A1 size at the reasonable price of £50, from a new company called Lumitrix.

It reminds me a little of this, which I featured in a previous post.

Good, commercially available photographic prints – unless bought directly from the photographer or at a gallery exhibition – is so often mass produced, dull and tackily reproduced. So it's great to see new outlets doing different.

I'm not sold on all of the stuff so far on sale on the site, but this dramatic equine image taken by Astrid Harrisson also (and unsurprisingly) caught my eye.

It was taken on a farm in Iceland and also £50 and sold as part of a limited edition too.

There's definitely an art to displaying photography on your walls. Here are a couple of other ideas I like.

Not so keenon the subjects in these photos, but love the large format colour images displayed in white frames. I'm inspired to expand my John Hinde display – taking photographs from a book is another way to afford to adorn your walls in this way.

Images: Street Style Fashion; A Estate Studio

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  1. This is a beautiful art work shown in the pictures. Such frames give the inspirational look to the home and the inspiration is the first step in design process. Thanks for sharing the great frames/ artistic designing in the post.