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The Insider: big idea,
small budget?

Do you remember last year's BBC2 show, The House That £100k Built? Are you planning – or dreaming of – a home project (even a tiny one) that could feature in its new, spin-off series?

The new show will include small-scale projects – new bathrooms, or even just a different room layout. And the show's makers are currently casting for anyone with an idea in mind who would like some design expertise to help make it happen – beautifully and on a weeny budget.

The new show is going to be called The House that £100k Built: Tricks of the Trade and presented by architect, Piers Taylor – whose design philosophy I love – and design expert, Kieran Long. To tempt you, take a look around the spectacular transformation of Starfall Farm, above, which featured in the original series. The show charted its re-invigoration from this...

...into this...

Interested in putting forward your own project? Get in touch with the producers at Remarkable Television by email –, or on Twitter.

Photos: Invisible Studio; Piers Taylor; Inside Out

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