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Sign the sewing petition!

This is the sewing machine I was given for my 18th birthday. 

And I knew what to do with it only because I'd taken compulsory sewing classes for the first few years at my secondary school. I was not, however, a great student.

I kept for years the pencil skirt we were required to make – but which I never finished before the end of term – convincing myself that I would one day, very soon, sew those final seams. This wasn't to be. But I loved my Frister Rossmann all the same, and keenly sewed all sorts of useless things at home instead. Fabric Rizla cases perhaps being the most ridiculous. Happy days.

So you'll notice the machine is not plugged in... Yes, I have been useless at keeping up with sewing anything for years. But this old thing was in a dusty box for a very long time and my first step to getting back into making stuff is – I hope – getting it out. Now I just need to plug it in.

The reason for posting about the old girl today is that I got an email last week from Hobbycraft saying that they had, last year, launched a petition to get sewing back on the national curriculum. Brilliant idea.

The petition has almost reached its signature target – so if you agree, sign it too at


  1. I took fashion and textiles 'A' level as a fifth 'fun' choice back in 1988 and it turned out to be about the most useful qualification of them all x

  2. It is never too late to learn a new skill - small steps help. I ldid some sewing at school in South Africa & recently did a hand sewing Gentlework day in Shrewsbury - bliss! Go on … plug it in …..

  3. Post a photo of your fabric Rizla case, go on, I dare you!

    1. Haha, I think I do still have one buried in my sewing box... If it emerges, I may share.