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Spotlight on... drinks trolleys

Drinks trolleys are having a bit of a moment right now. 

And hurrah – as there's just something so glamorous about devoting an entire piece of furniture to stiff liquors, sweet liqueurs and fancy cocktail stirrers...

After an extended hankering, I finally got a drinks trolley. But then impractically positioned it by a radiator (useless for the fantasy ice bucket) and turned the bottom part into the dog's bed. It is still a work in progress. So meanwhile, it's good to dream on and get inspired by, for example, this rather tasty golden bamboo effect number, above, arriving soon at Oliver Bonas, available to pre-order from 3 June for £195. If sleek and sharp-edged is more your style, check out Zara Home's offering for £109.99.

Can't stretch to £100+ for something so decadently non-vital in your home? A good tray can fill the spot for lots less, yet still make a feature of your alcoholic collection.

Especially if it's a gold one. A dedicated eBay hunt will get you something similar or, a little less kitschly, you might fancy this golden-lined contemporary number from Not on the High Street, for £30, pictured below.

It doesn't have to be all gold and glamour though: love the pared down, grown-up look, above left, too. While Don and Megan Draper's drinks tray from Mad Men Season 5, above right, is all about the booze.

In fact, you don't even need a tray, as the wooden table in this Rita Konig styled apartment illustrates. It's all about the glasses – though a decanter, as seen earlier, and an ice-bucket like this yellow one, are a nice touch.  And a soda syphon would be my luxury of choice. A leaning framed picture also looks as good here as in the earlier image. Fills the space if you aren't fully stocked with bottles.

But if budget were no issue? I'd find space for Buster & Punch's outrageously cool solid wood Rockstar Whisky Bar (above) featuring a luxury silk or leather quilted lining, open-from-the-top flaps and a built-in caged light... It's just, sigh, £2999. Beautiful though.


Post by Kate


  1. I love these.....I have a little placemat on a sideboard with an arrangement of bottles (don't often drink spirits but have loads about from having thrown odd cocktail parties....) and I rather like the mini mini-bar look it gives....yet then wonder if its a bit overly styled? Perhaps looks a bit pretentious? A friend has it right with her little trolley and all the ingredients for a perfect G&T. .....I might get tempted too often though I reckon!!

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