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Simple pleasures

I wrote, a few weeks ago, about how I'd decided to start collecting the dubiously 70s brown range of Hornsey Pottery. 

Having inherited one piece – the biscuit jar among this bundle of treasures – I came around to the idea slowly, but was totally sold after visiting a park cafe filled with the stuff. It just made the place seem so homely and nice, and it went well with the many Ercol chairs in the place, too – which totally de-kitsched the potential effect.

So here is my first find, from a multi-storey junk paradise in southeast London for just £1. I won't drink tea out of anything else at the moment. Isn't it funny how such a small thing can bring such simple joy.

What simple thing in your house brings you comparable daily pleasure?

Post by Kate


  1. I love Hornsea pottery. My mother had (and still has this) Poole service, also very homely, comforting and brown:

  2. I too am coming round to Hornsea, and I *bet* it's thanks to the same park cafe you mentioned. However, I want to know where your multi-storey junk paradise is: as a long-term resident of SE London I am yearning for one! In exchange I can direct you to the most treasure-filled charity shop in the borough of Lewisham. Great blog by the way, my boyfriend and I stumbled across it while brainstorming what to do with our new 60s cabinet, and loved pretty much everything we saw. Those Barbican flats! awesome!