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Object of the Day: pre-painted radiators

Have you ever tried to paint a radiator? I hate doing it. The one in my hall, which I thought I'd done so carefully, using the right type of brush and the right paint and everything, is a disaster. 

Every time I pass it which, given the position, is all the time its brush strokes, gloopy bits and weird brown lumps shame me. Which is what drew me to these beauties...

Quite apart from being nice shaped old-school radiators (you might remember I had a similar one, but eBayed it on to a man who was going to do something very unexpected with it), these designs come in an array of lovely shades. well as metallic and dark hues.

And if none of these go with your interior, you can also go bespoke and colour match from more than 2000 shades.

Radiators in the colourful range above cost £399, which is £100-odd more than the plain white/metallic/black ones in the same shapes that you can get in B&Q

Find them at

Meanwhile, if anyone else has done a disastrous paint job on their own radiator, feel free to share here... it'd make me feel better.

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