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The Insider: what you'll be seeing in Habitat this autumn

First up, let's just talk about these rugs, shall we?

I was transfixed by them on my whizz around the Habitat Autumn/Winter 2014 collection preview last week, which took place in a big old warehouse on the Southbank, in London.

I'm eyeing that two greens and white one, the Cortez, £95, to brighten up my kitchen floor (though I know opinions run high on rugs in kitchens... not least amongst myself). Then again, the yellow one, the Orell, £40, would look good. The red, white and blue, the Clifford runner, £65, is also enticing, but wouldn't go at all... unless I redecorate. It's an option. Here it is in context.

The textiles room at the event was my favourite. Couldn't you could just live in there with no other furniture quite happily?

Pattern and texture were big looks and, pictured above, these cushions with raised surfaces and layers are a good example. On the left is the Zelma, £30 and on the right, the Sancho, £15.

Even the ceramics aren't smooth, as seen in the Dunas range above and starting at £8.

The Pixela range, pictured above left and from £8, continues the trend (it is so named because it looks pixellated), while the Sintra – serving bowl, £20 and plate, £28, pictured – mixes and matches.

There's also no escaping the copper trend, which – like me – you may have thought had shone hard and bright and burned out last year. Not in the least, and there's a lot of it coming from other retailers too. LED is also big, after Ikea started the trend and went for it big time a couple of years ago; the lean lamp above, the Poise, £120, is a good example of both trends combined.

Nice to see bronze getting a look-in too, though. I was very drawn to the striking lamp at the far end, the Marlowe at £120.

Above and from £10, the candlesticks and vases mixing copper with flashes of bright, block colour, work well don't you think?

And how about metallic clocks? I love the gold Karlsson one, far right (all prices TBC).

There was also some copper in an interesting set of collaborations Habitat has up its sleeve, but it's all hush hush until next month so you'll have to wait on that one.

So aside from the kitchen rug, and the brassy lamp, this sofa was a favourite. With those fat, squidgy cushions it looks insanely comfortable, and an arm-rest so flat it doubles as a table... Yes. A good sofa.

If only they did one in yellow. Oh, wait – hello...

Meet the Sedgwick sofa – something sunny to look forward to when the days are darker.

All these goodies will be available later this year as part of Habitat's Autumn range.

Post by Kate

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