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Buy the contents of this Brighton house next week

Juliette, a very dear friend for many years, is throwing open her front door to sell pretty much everything in her colourful, 1950s-styled house. 

The sale happens over this coming bank holiday weekend. Take a nose around her place, and find out what's prompted her to make such a mad move...

"I've been collecting 1950s homeware, clothing and accessories for more than 20 years," she says. "When my husband was told he was being made redundant last month, we decided to move to France – not that random, as he happens to be French. Two days later, he received a job offer from a company in Madrid. We have no idea where we're going to end up, but the house is already on the market and we’re down-sizing our possessions like crazy in readiness for the move.

"We can’t take everything with us as we’ll be renting in either Spain or France for at least 12 months. We’ve had the space in Brighton to keep collecting, but it’s beyond ridiculous how much stuff we’ve got. I love every piece, but I’d sooner it go to a good home rather than be hidden in a box for a year. Plus, we are considering building a house in France, in which case we’re going to go totally the other way – instead of a 1930s house filled with Mid-Century collectables, we’ll have a sleek, modern cube house and only one room for my ‘mad bits’, as my long-suffering husband calls them. By that he means my vast collection of flamingo ornaments, Sylvac woodland animal vases and china poodles. Those are the pieces I’ll never sell!
"It might seem a bit strange to open your home to complete strangers, but I think it’s a nice way of making sure our much-loved pieces go to a good home, and it’ll be much easier to part with the things I love in person."

Go and help Juliette out by snapping up some of her cherished collectibles. Prices will start from £10 and goodies she's got lined up to sell include everything from poodle bookends and dinner plates to handbags and furniture. Details below.

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