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Wednesday Question: gold taps – well, would you?

Gold taps were to 80s interiors what a Lamborghini is to inner city driving. A bit showy-offy for the sake of it.

So who'd have thought they'd be reincarnated all these years later in such pleasing way? It's a quick post from me this week as there's lots going on, but here's a run down of the new way to do gold taps. The trick is to mix them with a utiltarian back-drop and play down the flash.


Weathered bronze taps by Barber Wilsons


Utilitarian... or, the big budget option: solid marble. Image:

But, like coloured kitchen appliances, is it such a now trend that in five years you'd be yearning for plain old chrome again?

1 comment :

  1. Yes I would! Love these choices and would definitely be keen to have a change and go for gold for a bit. Even if you want to swap back to chrome again in a few years it's nice to have a change and glam up for a bit.