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Same house, different house

About five years ago, there was a brilliant photography exhibition at the Geffrye Museum in London, which depicted different flats in the same, south London tower block. Structurally, they were identical, but decoratively unique.

And a couple of years ago, I wrote about a similar project in the States, focusing on the interiors of the apartments in a housing complex designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Why mention these? Because – in a slightly less artistic way – I have replicated the concept after stumbling across some estate agent photographs of a couple of identically designed houses close to mine. Join me in a nose...

My sitting room (which is currently mid-makeover and will shortly look very different – photos to come soon)

Their sitting room

My kitchen (seen, also, mid- most recent revamp here and, from a different angle, here)

Their kitchen, unfairly stark in this photo

The kitchen in the other house I cybersnooped, a little more lived-in

My garden
Their much better tended garden

My office (top) and my former bedroom, with a mezzanine sleeping area. In the other house, these two rooms have been knocked into one to create a master bedroom, below

And two different front doors...

Mine's the one on the right, the provenance of which I wrote about here

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