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My radical radiator transformation

About a year ago, I put this radiator on eBay for sale. 

It had been in the kitchen (it looks old, but I think it's an Acova column design, which you can find in B&Q). Anyway, it took up too much space and got replaced with a tall, skinny one.

At the time, I wrote briefly about a man who'd come to buy it, because I'd been fascinated to discover he was planning to turn it into a chair.

And now, he has! Last week, I got an email with a photo of this beautiful looking thing. I can hardly believe it used to be fixed to the wall in the kitchen. What a wondrous piece of recycling.

The clever man behind this impressive transformation is Kent-based Mark Casswell, otherwise known as the Barefoot Welder. Look him up.


  1. That is simply not possible. Kidding, I believe it, it's in the photos. But how did he do it? It's a solid radiator.

    1. Serious welding skills Ramonne! I've tried to find out, but he is very secretive about his methods...

  2. Unbelievable talent! He deserves a lot of recognition for his innovative design. Would like to have a piece as such at home but not sure it would fit in with chesterfield sofas from decur.