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Japanese ceramics newsflash

A few weeks ago I wrote, with a heavy heart, about some very marvellous Japanese plates I'd discovered. Heavy hearted because I could find nowhere outside of Japan that sold them.

You may recall, they looked like this...

The plates are not only beautiful, but have an interesting 400-odd year old history and each design depicts a good-luck emblem. (Find out more about them in this previous post.)

How joyful, then, to receive an email yesterday informing me that a selection of these unusual ceramics is now on sale in a newish Japanese / Taiwanese shop in the UK.

Native & Co. is based in west London and opened last December. It is run by product designers, Sharon Jo-Yun Hung, originally from Taiwan, and British-Japanese Chris Yoshiro Green, pictured below. The shop looks like a cross between Labour and Wait, Folklore and Muji – in other words, it's beautiful.

Native & Co sell homewares, kitchenware, household goods such as Japanese brooms and palm table brushes as well as pleasing accessories such as Taiwanese canvas school bags, made the same way since the 1950s, and the style all-round at the shop is pared back, well-crafted and close to nature.

Chris Yoshiro Green also designed all the furniture in the shop, on which their wares sit or hang.

The plates start at £8 a piece. Find them online at Native & Co. or pop into their Notting Hill shop if you're in the city.

Here are a few more of the nice things they sell.

Tenugui cloths, £16 each

Bamboo picnic basket, £45

Hammered cutlery, from £7.50

Ayous round tray, £26


  1. I loved those dishes, thanks for the heads up, will def. visit.

  2. Gorgeous stuff Kate. Love the leather bags especially. Hope you are well. x

  3. I saw the "old" plates, they were lovely. Also the new items presented are really nice, all of them.