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Object of the day: Stig Lindberg mugs

Late to the game, I've only just discovered these appealing mugs featuring the drawings of Swedish midcentury artist, Stig Lindberg, available exclusively at Skandium.

And I've got my eye on that chessboard horse...

...then again, this solitary sailor figure and his dog, floating on a wardrobe is good too.

The drawings are taken from Lindberg's 1959 children's book, Daniel Doppsko – which translates as Daniel Tip Your Toe (you can check out the book on the Fine Little Day blog). The sailor character is, in fact, Daniel himself – who floats across Lake City on a wardrobe, meeting all sorts of unusual creatures including, no doubt, the checked pony.

This is the first time Stig Lindberg's Daniel Doppsko drawings have been used in this way. The cups cost £12 each at Skandium.

Lindberg originals are highly collectible, while various elements from his archive have been reproduced, including Daniel Doppsko, recently republished, and various ceramics and fabrics. His designs are always whimsical and often witty, whether in the form of stoneware, paintings, textiles or, indeed, books for small people. Here are just a few more of his delightful designs.

Original Faience Vase (1stdibs)

Original Berså cups and saucers, made for Gustavsberg

Cover for Ikea sofa in reproduction Herbarium Deep Navy Blue fabric, by Bemz

Some of Lindberg's vingtage pieces have become serious collectors' items – this pleasingly spherical horse is on offer currently at 1stDibs for around £2,600...

Etsy is quite a good source for more affordable original Lindberg treasures too.

Cotton Pottery fabric

The man himself: Stig Lindberg, looking like he was a lot of fun. You can read more about Lindberg at the Skandium blog.

Guest post: cunning bunting

Today, a guest post from sometime contributor Abi, who has been missed! 

(I will be back very soon as well, in case you were missing me, too.)

I know it's been a while. But what better way to return to YHIL than with this... 

A few months ago it was my birthday. Yes, I turned 35 for the nth time. But that's not important. What is important is the spectacular gift I received from my friend Holly. Handmade and lovingly crafted this is quite possibly the best bunting I have ever seen in my life. As she unfurled it for me word by word (so I could get the full effect) I nearly popped. "Fuck the Patriarchy" it read. She knows me so well, and as a gift from one feminist to another it made me very happy indeed.

I think much of the joy comes from the fact that bunting is quite possibly one of the most benign forms of decoration ever. It's safe. It's nice. It's Mary Berry Bake Off safe and nice. So stitching up this art form with a subversive slogan gives it a lovely kick.

I hung it in our kitchen. Where I should probably get back to...

And you can see the same Holly show you how to make a romantic bedroom light out of sweet wrappers in this previous post.