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Shopping: Embrace your inner geek...

Today – a guest post from Abi... 

I've never been one to fully embrace the total devotion to a 'style'. My natural inclination is towards the mid-century end of things, but I can't help but chuck in a little bit of geek every now and then, which is where this glorious print by new print designer We Love Robots comes in.

Called Tin Men and Iron Giants and printed on A2 Giclee, this is a limited edition run of 100 and features nine fictional trading cards of robots and metal soldiers inspired by modern fiction, TV, movies and comics. A gorgeous piece of geek love to hang on your wall – or the perfect present for a fanboy or girl.

Currently it's only available to buy from Taylor Jones & Son in Deal (details at end of the post) priced at £85 unframed.

We Love Robots also sells open run prints via the new print site EN1. I rather like the Gil Scot Heron 'Lady Day' print (of which there are two versions, see one of them below) and there are two more retro geek appeal prints of a Storm Trooper and (Marvel fans alert) the Sentinel robot. These are all available as either A2 (£50) or A1(£75) prints.

We Love Robots is a slightly mysterious new artist who is quite hard to track down. Preferring their work to speak for itself We Love Robots promise me more prints will be added to EN1 soon. I'm guessing a few more icons of music might appear but personally I'm hoping for a Stepford Wives/Omega Man mash up...

Tin Men and Iron Giants limited edition available from Taylor Jones &Son, 94 Deal High Street, Kent. T: 01304 362671


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