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Dunce's guide to gardening

Homebase TV presenter: charisma-free but helpful

Hurrah! I'm loving the new Homebase guides to gardening - a series of 40 videos, designed for novice gardeners (like me) who might need to have words like "chitting" explained to them (see the guide to growing potatoes).

Once you get over the slightly annoying voice and lack of screen charisma that the presenter has, his kindly back-to-basics approach is brilliantly helpful - and perfectly-timed. I'm warming up to the idea of opening the back door again, to get my gardening gloves dirty.

Admittedly, there isn't much gardening to do in a small, paved and decked rectangle - but I've dabbled with a raised bed vegetable patch, created a new flower bed (but not got as far as planting more than two things in it), and allowed a reckless gardener to kill the once-expansive passion flower climber. I'll post up some before (ie, now) photos soon - I need all the advice I can get...

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