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John Hinde's Butlin's Photos

Talking of John Hinde has made me remember how desperately I wanted to buy a print of this image. It was going to go in my slightly Scando bathroom, along with my 'Will Patrons Kindly Refrain' poster.

I went to see the exhibition that Martin Parr curated of John Hinde's lavish, garish and highly detailed 1960s Butlin's photographs (all contained in Our True Intent is all for Your Delight, a glorious visual feast of a book). Seeing the photos, large scale and up close was mesmerising; every detail in sharp focus, every facial expression revealing, the many small interactions captured, fascinating.

As for my quest to buy the photo, I got in too late. Prints were limited edition and this was one of the top sellers. I'm still debating going back and choosing another but even though the Photographers Gallery lets you take out an Arts Council OwnArt interest-free loan to buy, it's still a lot of money to pay for the next best photo. So I'm thinking of buying two copies of the book instead. One to keep on the coffee table; one from which to cut out pages to frame. The cheaper way to get second best (and first choice of image).

I'm also thinking of buying a copy of Nothing to Write Home About, a lovely book featuring many of John Hinde's other legendary 'boring' postcards.

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