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Martin Parr would be proud

Early arrival at a car boot sale - three quid to a bloke who looks like Max Branning; bacon butties and tea steaming on a stall in the corner; hordes not yet in force - is a moment of promise. What unlikely and stupidly cheap treasures might one find among the tat?

Well, today, at number seven on Time Out's 'Top Ten London Car Boot Sales', no less, there was disappointment. The 'huge' weekly market, at St Augustine's School in Kilburn, was all about the tat, not much about the treasure.

However, I did find these tacky but John 'Boring Postcards' Hinde-esque photo coasters - late 1960s tourist images of rural Spain. Nice font, too. I couldn't decide if they were awful or lovely. That seemed like a good reason to buy them. They cost me all of £2.

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