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Domino magazine (RIP): interiors heaven

It doesn't look very special, but Domino was a joyous American interiors magazine; stylish but still down-to-earth. 

All about budget, and, OK, a bit of budget-blowing. The ethos was good – luscious yet achievable, and packed with practical tips; like Living Etc. felt when it first launched.

I picked up a copy while I had a few hours to kill on a flight stopover at LAX recently and enjoyed the pages almost more than the pancakes and maple syrup that also helped to pass the time. So I was delighted to find – back in the UK – that the website was equally exciting. The bad news? It folded last year – just as I'd decided it was time to subscribe.

The good news? Fans as distraught as I was clubbed together to form a fabulous Flickr group, showcasing all the scraps of the magazine they could muster between them so we can all continue to pore over its pretty but practical interiors porn. Check it out - in the meantime, enjoy these teasers from the group of downhome Domino style...

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