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Fabulous floral tablecloth

Ooh, look at this lush Frida Kahlo-inspired flowery Mexican oilcloth with a bold, hibiscus print. Yum. It also comes in green, yellow, red, orange, pink...

Sadly it's come into my life too late - I had spotted it at Shoreditch's brightly styled Favela Chic bar, in east London, and hoped to find a wallpaper to replicate its sexy sunshine vibes for a wall in my kitchen. But the floral wallpaper out there, I found to be remarkably tame (a post on that will follow soon - there were some gems, just not the right gems for my kitchen wall).

I'd have found a way to hang this though, had I known - especially as it only costs £12 per metre. Find it at VivaLaFrida

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