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Home office under the stairs?

If you ever work from home - where do you do it? I've currently got a dog with a wonky leg who isn't allowed out, which means I've been working from home lots more than usual... and even though I had my under-stairs area fitted out with a desk (some painted MDF shelves) a couple of years ago, I've never really used it. 

And the kitchen table is just too tempting (fellow home-workers, you'll know what I mean - it's not just the proximity to the fridge and the kettle, but the temptation to sweep up, empty the bin, deadhead the wilting flowers I can see through the window...).

So I looked long and hard at my little cubbyhole and thought that perhaps I wasn't using it for a reason. It had become somewhat of a hall dumping ground, meaning the deskspace had shrunk, and it didn't feel - well, very inspiring. So last night I gave it a bit of a makeover (click for more images), using the Penguin Classics postcards I recently bought, a set of cards from Habitat a few years ago (by Jean Widmer), some of my 8-year-old nephew's artwork - and a lot of de-cluttering (a huge pile of interiors mags acts as a screen for work clutter, while the perspex CD holder makes a great 'add your own art' desk tidy. There's also my cherished Jane Foster owl print, a laminated cocktail menu I swiped from a bar with cocktails named after 'cult dames', including Pat Butcher, Cheryl Tweedy and Jane Birkin. It now looks quite inviting I thought - even the dog is sleeping under the newly empty space under the desk. What do you think?


  1. Cute doggie. I like your blog.

    Luiza x

  2. Your blog is brill but I bet Reggie loves his bed exactly as it is!

  3. Thanks! And yes, he does love his bed - so much so that he's eaten large chunks of it. Sure he'd show the same appreciation to something more stylish too...