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1950s Villeroy & Boch
dish from Pip's Trip

Love the simple graphic design on this original 1950s Villeroy & Boch dish from Pip's Trip, which is one of those websites I can easily spend hours on - it's like a posh carboot sale, with only the good bits - but heaps of them. 

Not that easy to navigate if you don't know what you're looking for, which is perhaps why I seem to spend so long window shopping there...

This dish, which measures 13.5cm across, is quite a funny shape - there are side-on images on the website: it looks a bit like a candleholder, without the bit to hold candles... it could be a nice shallow soup dish, or something to throw the Hula Hoops in at parties (there are three more of them on the site, in different mid-century shades - so you could get a whole set). Check them out at the ceramics section of Pip's Trip.

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