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Polish designed warmer cups

How lovely are these funny little things? They're called Wycinanki warmer cups. Why so unpronounceable? Well not so if you're Polish. This morning, via the marvellous medium of Twitter, I came across a great new homewares shop, Beetrootonline, based in Poland but selling over here. And these cute 10cm-high drinking ceramic vessels, with black or cream tops and removable felt sleeves in traditional Polish papercut designs (or wycinanki) are just one in a whole website full of tempting stuff. 

What I really love about them, apart from the sweet folksy design is that, say Beetrootonline designed for you to 'fill with warm vodka tea on a cold day: enjoy'. Sounds good, even though I have yet to discover the specifics for making vodka tea. Better still, they cost just £18.50 each. 

Below, here are the matching coffee pots (£45) and sugar bowl (£12.50). A nice xmas present for the stylish design geek in your life?

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  1. These are fabulous, they look like the perfect stylish hand warmer on a day like today - you'd be the coolest person on the commute!x