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Seamstar's fabulous fabrics

Seamstar is my new favourite website for window shopping. The fantastic fabric shop has such great taste - and they sell their wares in lots of handy types of package, such as this tonal bundle of small pieces of fabric, perfect for fronting cushion covers. 

I can't believe I'd never heard of it, but it was my friend Holly's birthday the other day and her friend and sewing buddy, Deborah, gave her a bundle of of Seamstar's finest as a present. Being exceptionally stylish, she went for the Echino bundle, by the Japanese designer Etsuko Furuya - all edgy prints of things like bicycles and glasses 
(see a few Furuya prints below or click on the link for Seamstar's selection). I was almost as excited as Holly was. Now all I need is to learn to sew. Or, rather, learn to have the patience to perfect my very basic sewing skills. Hmm. Meanwhile I'm enjoying the final suggestion on the website's tips about what to do with your chosen fabric bundle. Nice idea...

Seamstar says
- Perfect for making a quilt as each bundle comes colour coordinated and includes plain fabrics
- Due to their complimentary tones, they look great made into separate items on craft stalls
- They are great for just stocking up your fabric stash in some of your favourite colours
- No time to make stuff? Our bundles look lovely piled high on bookshelves and in sewing rooms

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