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New "how-to" spot in Independent on Sunday

Following on from the post below, I shall be covering the issue of large, empty walls and small budgets as an topic next week in my new little 'how-to' slot, 'The Insider' in the Independent on Sunday magazine. Do have a read...

This week's is on surprising ways to make your home smell sweet without blowing the budget on Jo Malone candles (though, just to be contrary, this option on the left which is included – the True Grace 'Library' room diffuser, which I discovered at the wonderful Brixton Market shop, Circus – costs more than a Malone, but it lasts forever and is the fragrance equivalent of crack. Can't get enough of it). I shall post up a few goodies I didn't have space for in the newspaper later in the week...


  1. I'm sure it will be 1,000 times better than Rosie Millard's efforts in the Telegraph yesterday. Her '20 ways to save money on the home front' included going to Anthropologie for finishing touches. Hmmm.

  2. Haha - gotta love the Telegraph... And good to hear what a soft-furnishings shopaholic you are. Reassuring!

  3. hi kate
    i liked your column in the independent (which is how i found your blog) i too love diptyque candles but the price makes me wince (though their fragrance is the best of any i think.) i am lamenting the loss of 'canelle' from their range. true grace woodsmoke is lovely too - and i agree library is gorgeous! i have emailed you with something for your empty wall feature! best wishes