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My big blank wall

I'm in love with this beautiful horse painting, from the National Gallery.

And I'm hankering after it because of of the big, blank wall dominating my sitting room (image at bottom of this post) which has been neglected since I moved into my house, over three years ago.

Various things have hung on the wall, none has looked right. Then, after interviewing Tricia Guild, famous for her bold use of colour, I was inspired to paint it – but only got as far as a lot of tester pots, none of which quite worked. Then I bought a new sofa that threw a spanner in the whole works by being green. So I've just tried to avert my eyes amid the indecision. And then I found this horse. It is a reproduction of the stunning 1762 painting 'Whistlejacket', by George Stubbs – the original of which hangs in the National Gallery. 

You can buy this and all sorts of other wonderful treasures in print form, as a canvas, or as a paste-to-the-wall mural from Surface View. I think a huge version (around 1.5m x 1.5m) would look stunning on the aforementioned troublesome wall. I'd like a framed print. Can't afford that right now (it's a few hundred in the size I want). Not sure the mural option (under £100) would quite work as it won't fill the entire wall... I shall investigate further. Meanwhile, what do you think? Here is the wall...

And do have a browse at Surface View's spectacular collection for yourselves...

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