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Michael Hess photographs: Bingo & Social Club

If you like this photo as much as I do (it reminds me lots of the John Hinde Butlins pictures I bought for my bathroom, that I'm always banging on about) check out the exhibition next month.

The show is called Bingo & Social Club and the marvellous photographer is Michael Hess. 

Catch it from  4-30 March at the Book Club
 in east London. Copies of the accompanying book, written with Maxine Gallagher, will also be on sale.

"Around 1pm, every day of the week, nearly 600 bingo halls across the UK open their doors to thousands of loyal customers. But, although they can be found on almost every British high street, surprisingly few people ever see what goes on inside.

In Bingo & Social Club, photographer Michael Hess opens up this world to a new audience. Behind the often crumbling exteriors, he finds vibrant places full of strong characters, quirky details and more than a hint of nostalgia. In his own words: “I want people to feel that they’ve spent a night at the bingo – to sense what it feels like to be there.”

See more at Michael Hess's website

(This has been updated since originally posted.)


  1. Hi Kate, I'm the writer that worked with Michael on the book. Thanks for your lovely post. The comparison to John Hinde made him very happy. Please come a long to the opening on the 3rd March if you're around and have a drink with us.
    Maxine x

    1. Oh wow, I am just going through some old posts and saw your comment... I'd have replied had I seen it at the time (like, three years ago, ahem). Apologies, how rude! What are you working on now? Just been enjoying these photos all over again x Kate