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The lovely Cox & Cox
Spring catalogue

What a treat – the Cox and Cox spring catalogue has just appeared on my doormat. And it's full of affordable treats to spruce up the home for spring. A few highlights to inspire...

How cute are these apple bookends? Perfect for the stylish small person in your life (if only children actively chose attractive vintage books, too... perhaps they could go on a nice high shelf – or is that a bit wrong?!).  Mmm. Maybe. Still, they're only £12.50 a set – why not get two pairs?

What a pretty way to display hyacinths. You really feel like spring has sprung with the heady smell of these babies filling the house... They cost £18.50 for the trio 

As regular readers know, I can't resist a nice bit of a canine accessory. This 'bullseye' lamp, made from poly-propylene plastic, would make a great nightlight, or just soft living room floor glow. He's available from the end of the month, and doesn't come cheap – he's £90. But a dog is for life... 

I'm a bit over wall stickers... but these pretty bird window stickers give the whole idea a fresh twist. And they're so friendly-looking  – they're meant to be for children's rooms, but I'd be very happy to wake up and find these little tweets hanging out. They're available from the end of the month too and cost £12.50 for a pack of ten.

Who says fairy lights are just for Christmas? These ones are most definitely summer-friendly; the tiny Moroccan-style lattice-cut lanterns give off such a pretty glow. And just to prove it, the Maroq Light Garland Maroq Light Garland(£36) isn't available until late June... but we think it's worth the wait.

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