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Beefeater plates

I was very excited to find these psychedelic plates (£65 for the six-part set) on sale in my favourite new shop, H is for Home (warning: you will waste hours ogling the lovely, random but well organised and affordable vintage goodies here)

Why? Because I already have two of them and wasn't sure if they were just a bit weird – I found them in a junk shop in west London and no one else took much of a shine to them. I don't even eat meat – so it seemed perhaps bizarre that I'd picked up a pair of steak plates (the stamp underneath is "Beefeater" by English Ironstone Pottery). I had swooped on them purely because they are bulls and I am a Taurus by star sign. (And a shopaholic who needs very little excuse to buy anything homes-y at all.)

The only people who shared my enthusiasm were (luckily) my deeply stylish neighbours, Emma and Sarah, who couldn't wait to show me their collection of fish plates from the same range.

If you miss out on these ones, there are lots more going on eBay.


  1. I love them! They're so odd.

  2. Ha, I have all of these aswell! Found 2 in a charity shop, then 1 at a car boot, 2 at a vintage store and last one at another charity shop, over the period of about 6 months and all for about £15 total. I love them and use them for every dinner party (always with a great response). Haven't seen fishy ones yet...

  3. That's funny. The fish ones are really cool and I slightly covet my neighbours' set. Love how colourful they are. I think I'm going to put mine on a wall... (having misplaced for about six months). Either that or start having more dinner parties!

  4. I have these plates and also the side plates that go with them - bought from a selection of charity shops and sales. I have them on my kitchen wall and I love them! Have not seen the fish ones, will look them out.

    1. Good charity shop finds! They are real collectors' items these days. Here are mine on my office wall (in the 'after' shots) I have a lovely yellow fish in the hallway, too. Would love to see a snap of yours in situ Lisa

  5. Hi, I have a set of 6 for sale excellent condition