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Cushions, gadgets, lazy posters and dirty dishcloths

1. Love these two new cushions from Random Retail. The Vaguely Heraldic cushion is a woodblock, two-colour design (and there are other colourways, too, but this one feels nicely late Sixties, which I like). And how sweet is the Alfie & Maud design? This also comes in various different colour options. See all the new cushions at Random Retail.

Both cost £35 (each) and are washable calico covers with feather pads inside. They measure 40cm x 40cm – and have different designs on back and front.

Interesting fact: the site belongs to the mother of the super stylish photographer, Holly Joliffe, who also runs one of my favourite online vintage outlets The OK Corral.

2. Cordless phone by Jasper Morrison: this sleek design, created for the new Swiss brand Punkt, don't come cheap (they're £159 each) but the phones are seriously sexy, aren't they? They have very basic keys (hurrah!) and 10 ring tones "to suit specific environments", whatever that means. Available soon from Skandium.

3. This simply designed Perpetual Calendar, by Sage, is a bargain at just £15 from Not on the High Street.

4. I do love a good vintage poster. This Relax... poster is a reprint, but still ever so chic. Roll on long summer days, eh? £45 from Luna.

5. Oh Colleen Pugh, you are cheeky. The designer's screen-printed tea-towel, called 'Dishes I'd Rather Be Doing', features five hot Hollywood hunks accompanied by Pugh's amusing comments. Machine washable and £10 from HowKapow.


  1. I adore your blog! I agree, expensive items aren't the be all and end all to style. These products are so super cute! x

  2. Oh thank you! V nice blog you have too - I love the look of Leaf x